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30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days – Day #2 – Write Relevant Ad Copy30天30个Adwords Tips –  #2  写高度相关的广告语  译者 zhangpenggoogle竞价ppc30个小技巧

Today, we’re going to continue our series on 30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days with something basic, yet often overlooked – writing Relevant Ad Copy.
今天继续我们的30天30个Adwords tips系列,今天的内容是经常被我们忽略的基础性内容——书写高相关度的广告语。

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Tip #2 – Write Relevant, Unique Ad Copy that Closely Relates to the Keywords You’re Bidding On
Tip #2 – 书写跟你投放的关键词有密切联系的、高度相关的、独特的广告语
Ad Copy should always relate to your Keywords, and to the intent of searchers.  Too often, advertisers do not spend enough time writing Ad Copy that is uniquely relevant to all the Keywords they’re bidding on.  Ad Copy can never be viewed as one size fits all – yes it does take extra effort, but advertisers should invest time into making Ad Copy be three things:
1.  Specific to the Keywords they’re bidding on
1.  广告语要对我们投放的关键词有针对性
2.  Specific to the searchers’ queries
2.  广告语要对我们的搜索用户的搜索词有针对性
3.  Accurately describes the content of their Brand/website
3.  而且,广告语需要能够准确的描述我们的品牌或网站的内容

While Google does provide some tips for writing great Ad Copy, I’ve reiterated, and listed a few others below:

Use Keywords in Title
Use Keywords in Lines 1 & 2
Insert a call to action
使用一个行为引导词(call to action词)
Insert an offer/promotional messaging (if applicable)
State your competitive advantage
Speak & appeal to your target audience
Let searchers know what they can expect to find at your site
Create a sense of urgency (if applicable)
Answer searchers’ questions

Why Ad Copy is Important
Ad Copy is important for two main reasons –
广告语之所以重要的两个主要原因 –
1.  Ad Copy is the link between searchers’ queries and your website.  Writing relevant, unique Ad Copy that relates to the intent of searchers, will help you attract qualified customers who could convert on your website.
1.  广告语是你的网站和搜索用户的搜索词之间的链接纽带。书写跟搜索用户搜索意图紧密联系的 高相关的、独特的广告语,能够帮助吸引更多高质量的、能够转化的客户。
2.  Quality Score – CTR is the biggest component of your Quality Score.  Having Ad Copy that relates to the intent of the searcher will typically lead to strong CTRs.  Strong CTRs should help your Ads positively impact your Quality Scores.
2.  质量得分 – CTR是质量得分的最重要的因子。和用户搜索意图紧密联系的广告语能够显著提高你的CTR。高CTR也能帮助你提高质量得分。