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30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days – Day #1 – See Actual Search Terms30天30个Adwords 技巧

– #1 查看实际搜索词报告 -译者 zhangpeng


In February, I posted an article on Spring Cleaning your AdWords Account.  Now that Spring is officially upon us, I wanted to share 30 AdWords Tips in 30 Days.  The Tips will range from introductory/beginner, to a little more advanced – hopefully something for all advertisers.

现在推出30天30个Adwords Tips。这个系列文章将覆盖入门者以及稍微专业性的内容,希望能够对所有的广告主有用。

Tip #1 – See What Queries are Triggering your Ads with the Search Terms Report

Tip #1 – 查看触发你的广告的搜索词报告
If you’re using Phrase, Broad, and/or Broad Match Modifier(BMM) as Match Types, chances are, your Keywords are showing for Queries (actual Search Terms that searchers are typing in) that you’re not explicity bidding on.  Google provides you with a report, inside of your AdWords Account, that shows you most of these Queries (aka Search Terms) called the Search Terms Report.
1.  Log into your AdWords Account
1.  登陆你的Adwords账户
2.  Click on the Keywords Tab* (main tab navigation)
2.  点击关键词标签*(主导航标签)
3.  Click on the Details button (right beneath performance graph)
3.  点击详细信息按钮(在表现图表的右下方)
4.  Under Search Terms, click All or Selected**
4.  在搜索字词下面,点击“所有”或“已选择”**
*you can either view for all your Campaigns/Ad Groups, or use the navigation to enter into one Campaign/AdGroup and just see data from that Campaign/Ad Group
**you can view all Keyword data, or select certain Keywords by clicking on the check box next to the Keywords to see data associated with selected Keywords
Why Search Terms are Important——为什么搜索词这么重要
Search Terms are important for two main reasons –
1.  You may find that you’re matching into Queries that are not relevant to you.  If so, consider adding these as Negative Keywords.  Adding these as Negative Keywords will help you spend your budget more efficiently, and this could improve your CTRs, which may positively impact Quality Scores.
1.  你可能会发现你匹配到了不相关的搜索词。如果是这样,把它们添加为否定词。这样会使你的预算更有效率,而且会提高你的CTR,进而可能会提高你的质量度。
2.  If you see you’re matching into Queries that are relevant to your business and perform well for you, consider directly bidding on these Keywords by adding to them to your Account.  Adding Keywords directly to your Account vs matching into them via Phrase, Broad, or BMM, will help give you more control over when/how/what Ad Copy serve with these Keywords, and it could result in more efficient Actual CPCs for these Keywords.
2.  如 果你发现你匹配到了跟你的业务相关的关键词,而且这些词表现很好,把他们加入到你的竞价账户中去。相比较于词组匹配、广告匹配和广告匹配修饰符,直接添加 关键词完全匹配,会使你对你的账户中的广告语 什么时候/怎样/哪个 响应关键词有更多的掌控,这会是你的这些关键词的实际CPC更高有效率