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Display marketing in an integral part of any digital marketer’s roster. With programmatic adsgaining popularity, display marketing is getting more precise and turning around a higher return on ad spend for advertisers.

To highlight Acquisio’s display offering, and to go over just how lucrative these ads can be, Director of Display, Maria Coletta, is sharing some of the latest additions and features from the Acquisio Trading Desk – Acquisio’s in-house Demand-side platform.

By tuning in to this free webinar Thursday, February 12th, at 10:00 Eastern Time, Maria will discuss:

•    In-App Targeting and Reporting
•    Private MarketPlace (PMP)
•    Programmatic
•    Native Ads 
•    Cross Pixel Keyword Search Targeting
•    Look Alike Modeling
•    LiveRamp Data
•    Video Ad Networks
•    Advanced Video RTB
•    3rd Party Data
•    New Prospecting Strategies
•    Household Extension Retargeting
•    Optimizing Retargeting Campaigns

While the list of topics is vast, one of the focuses of the webinar will be mobile display ads, including mobile in-app advertising.

Mobile Display Ads

Most companies have shifted focus to accommodate the growing importance of mobile marketing. So much so that by next year, 2016, mobile marketing will likely be the area marketers spend the most on – surpassing search for the first time.

To address this growth, there are some exciting additions to the display offering, including:

More Mobile Inventory
•    Millennial (Nexage), Smaato (inApp), InMobi, OpenX, Pubmatic
Richer Targeting
•    Hyper-local (lat/lon + radius)
•    Carrier
•    Device Make/Model
•    OS Version
•    Screen orientation
•    Connection type
•    Mobile video ads
•    Mobile GRP
•    Advanced Reporting
•    Data Visualization
Creative Rich Media
•    Interstitials
•    Native ads
Cross Device/ Cross Mobile Channel
•    User tracking & targeting
•    Conversion attribution
•    Frequency Capping

By listening in you can learn not only what’s new with Acquisio’s offering but also what’s new in the display industry and what inside strategies and best practices you should be implementing in your display initiatives.

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