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How to Install PPTP VPN Server on CentOS 6.x

Bare Bones (PPTP) VPN Installer for CentOS 6.x


To get started with your own secure VPN, simply execute the following commands at your servers command-line:

yum install -y git
cd /opt && git clone git://
cd VPN && bash

If you’re on Linode, you can simply rebuild your instance with the PPTP VPN Installer StackScript.

Note: OpenVZ users, currently one of the iptables rules used in this script is not virtualised in OpenVZ (masquerade). This means you will need to run this line of code once you have finished installing the CentOS PPTP VPN script for it to work:

iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -j SNAT --to-source x.x.x.x

Where x.x.x.x is your venet0 IP address

In addition to this, you will also need OpenVZ kernel 2.6.32

How do I connect to my VPN?

You can now connect to your VPN using your servers IP as the hostname (this depends on your VPN client)

The default username and password for your VPN server is:

Username: myuser
Password: mypass