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降低你的CPC最实际的办法是降低您的出价。 这显然会降低你每次点击收取正在量,可以为您节省一些钱。当降低出价,你必须要考虑的地方你的排名多少暴露你想要的。 如果你目前的出价有你在前三名,你也许可以买得起降低您的出价。 通过这样做,你就可以通过显示的每一天较长一段时间内您的广告,以增加你的整体风险。 不过,也有其他的方式来最大限度地提高战略性的CPC不只是降低出价。

  • 开始一个明确的目标。 你花了时间来开发你的PPC活动明确的转换目标? 一个不明确的目标是头号杀手预算。 你会最终在运动,没有目的花钱。 磨练在一个特定的目标和设计一切围绕它。

  • 使用长尾关键词。 一般来说,时间越长,关键字,更高的转化率,降低了中国共产党。 这是因为你的竞争对手有可能竞争的基本关键字,并抬高了成本。 此外,你的能力,以配合特定的关键字与客户的查询,确保任何人谁点击广告真正感兴趣 – 不只是好奇。

  • 添加否定关键字。 你服用分析所有的显示在您的搜索查询报告的关键词的时候? 你应该仔细研究这个名单不断增加否定关键字到您的帐户。 这不仅确保您不支付你不想要的关键字,但它也可以让你提高账户的整体健康和谷歌讲述更多关于你正在放置广告。

  • 测试不同的目标网页。 你有没有想过,这是你的目标网页不来通过,而不是广告本身? 在许多情况下,良好的广告养活穷人的登陆页面,并导致用户无需转换反弹。 试运行相同的广告,以不同的登陆页面和分析结果。 一个转换比其他显著高?

  • 一直跟踪数据。 ,“保持密切关注究竟如何你的内容是工作是必不可少的一个成功的运动。”你永远无法降低你的CPC,除非你仔细和连续跟踪数据。 用你的报表工具在您的处置,寻找短期和长期趋势。


当你明白究竟如何PPC广告作品,并需要采取哪些措施来降低你的平均CPC,可以最大限度这个强大的广告渠道的潜力。 使用这些技巧制定一个有效的策略,不要害怕建议在您的业务变化的主要决策者。

PPC campaigns are obviously an integral part of any successful business’ overall internet marketing strategy, but can be extremely costly if you don’t know what you’re doing. For those new to PPC advertising, it’s easy to assume that campaigns are cheap because you’re only paying for the clicks you get. However, costs can add up quickly if you aren’t careful. Improperly managing your budget will leave you strapped for cash and short on conversions.

Tips for Lowering Your CPC

The most practical way to lower your CPC is to lower your bids. This will obviously lower the amount you’re charged per click and can save you some money. When lowering bids, you have to consider where you’re ranking and how much exposure you want. If you’re current bid has you in the top three, you can probably afford to lower your bid. By doing this, you’ll be able to increase your overall exposure by showing your ad for a longer period of time each day. However, there are other ways to strategically maximize your CPC without simply lowering your bid.

  • Start with a clear goal. Have you spent time developing clear conversion goals for your PPC campaign? An unclear goal is the number one budget killer. You’ll end up spending money on a campaign that has no purpose. Hone in on a specific goal and design everything else around it.

  • Use long tail keywords. Generally speaking, the longer the keyword is, the higher the conversion rate and lower the CPC. That’s because your competitors are likely competing for basic keywords and driving up the costs. Additionally, your ability to match a specific keyword with customer queries ensures anyone who clicks on your ad is actually interested – not merely curious.

  • Add negative keywords. Are you taking the time to analyze all the keywords that show up in your search query report? You should be carefully studying this list and continuously adding negative keywords to your account. Not only does this ensure you don’t pay for keywords you don’t want, but it also allows improves your overall account health and tells Google more about the ads you’re placing.

  • Test different landing pages. Have you ever considered that it’s your landing pages that aren’t coming through, not the ads themselves? In many cases, good ads feed to poor landing pages and cause users to bounce without converting. Try running the same ad to different landing pages and analyze the results. Is one converting significantly higher than the other?

  • Always track data. According to, “Keeping a close eye on exactly how your content is working is essential to a successful campaign.” You’ll never be able to lower your CPC unless you carefully and continuously track data. Use the reporting tools you have at your disposal and look for both short and long-term trends.

Mastering PPC Advertising

When you understand exactly how PPC advertising works and what it takes to lower your average CPC, you can maximize the potential of this powerful advertising channel. Use these tips to develop an effective strategy and don’t be afraid to suggest changes to key decision makers in your business.