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Trusted E-Cigarette Vendors

My Top 3 USA E-Cigarette Vendors

  • Madvapes – I buy a lot of different stuff here
  • My Freedom Smokes – I buy my DIY e-liquid here, great prices on some Mech Mods
  • 101Vape – I’ve bought a number of e-cigarettes and Mods here

Cheapest Chinese Vendors

  • Fasttech – I buy a ton of stuff here
  • Focal E-Cig – Some great group buy deals and Sales

Best Vendors for E-Liquid

  • Madvapes – 10ml’s $2.99+ 30ml’s $5.99+
  • Mt. Baker vapor 15ml’s $4.99 30ml’s $7.49
  • Virgin Vapor – Organic E-Liquid avaliable in 100% VG

Best Vendors for DIY E-Liquid

  • Mt Freedom Smokes – Great quality Nicotine e-liquid, good prices on VG, PG, and flavorings
  • Wizard labs – Cheap e-liquid flavorings and Nicotine e-liquid

Cheap Wick and Wire on eBay

  • 5 feet Silica + 25 feet Kanthal (flat or round) – $3.39
  • Round Kanthal – Lightning Vapes – Imported kanthal
  • TEMCO Kanthal Wire Round or Ribbon – Kanthal made in the USA
  • Tank eCigs Kanthal – another cheap supplier of USA made Kanthal
  • USA Grown Organic Natural Cotton

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