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Incredible SEO basics to increase website traffic

seo basics

1. Content is SEO and SEO is content

Content marketing is the KEY to increase your website search traffic. Observe any successful blog that’s getting tons of visitors from search engines (QuickSprout, Moz, Problogger etc), you’ll notice one thing, they all include content marketing as their SEO strategy.

You won’t find any keyword stuffing or massive link building on these sites, they focus majorly on creating content that naturally attracts traffic and backlinks.

What is content marketing?

In simple terms, turning website visitors into leads and sales using your website content is known as content marketing. Spamming other people to increase your website sales don’t work anymore. You need to find smarter ways to leverage your website overall sales and revenue. One of the best ways to convince people to sell your products is through content marketing.

Conte marketing is definitely the new SEO. As it not only improves your overall search engine traffic but it also helps you increase your sales.

Content marketing builds trust, and helps you increase the awareness of your products.

One of the perfect examples for content marketing is Copyblogger media. They know how to sell their stuff without selling their souls. Their content is not only recommended by top marketers but their products sell like hot cakes. If you follow the same strategy i.e content marketing, you can also reap the best rewards.

So how can you use content marketing to increase your website search traffic and sales?

Create a content marketing framework.

Here’s how to do that!

Define your target audience, and find out which information they are frequently sharing on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. You can also use tools like Topsy to find out the most shared links on social media sites.

Once you know which information is getting mostly shared, you need to find out the “content pattern”.

Analyze the headlines, content level (is it advanced research based content or focused on beginners?) and the post formatting to create a proper content marketing framework.

Once you come up with the most profitable ideas for your audience, you can use the same framework to create content.

Top notch content. The longer the better.

If you’re trying really hard to increase your search traffic, try posting detailed articles and see the magic! You’ll start getting more visits than ever before. Google gives top priority to the web pages that contain more than 1000 to 1500 words. That’s the reason why everyone is now all of a sudden are focusing on creating detailed articles over 500 word short articles.

2. Use long tail keywords to increase organic traffic

Understand how your target readers are using Google search results to find information. Most Google users use two to three keyword phrases to find exact information on Google and these are usually called as long tail keywords.

To put it simply in an example,

Increase organic traffic -> long tail keyword

SEO -> short tail keyword

When you use long tail keywords, it becomes literally very easy for you to stay ahead of your competition to drive more search traffic to your websites. Whereas by using short tail keywords such as “SEO”, you are going face to face with authority sites like Moz, Search Engine Land etc which is almost impossible for you to rank without building thousands of incoming links.

How to find profitable long tail keywords to increase organic traffic?

You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Long Tail Pro, Market Samurai etc to find really good long tail keywords. But you need to consider the metric called “competition”.

Never ignore the importance of keywords

Before writing a new post, make sure to create a list of all the keywords you want to focus on. You can use keyword research tools like Long Tail Pro, Google Keyword Planner, WordStream etc to find the best keywords for your niche.

Make sure you’re focusing on long tail keywords that are less competitive and more profitable for you to drive more traffic from search engines. The more profitable keywords you find the better your search rankings will be. Build good number of links to your web pages to improve your overall search engine rankings.

If you’ve relatively a new website, make sure to aim at 500 to 1500 monthly search traffic volume keywords. These keywords bring you more traffic as you can rank top on Google without actually building lots of links.

Pro tip: Make sure to find keywords that have low to medium competition in your niche or topic.

3. Focus on your bounce rate

One of the effective SEO basics is to focus on your website’s bounce rate. If a visitor lands on your website for the first time and leaves your site without clicking another link or page, then it’s called bounce rate. High bounce rate (the more people who leave your site without clicking again) leads to bad search rankings.

Anything around 5o to 60% can be considered as good bounce rate. Make sure to use your Google analytics to know your bounce rate, if it’s more than 60% try to implement the following strategies to decrease your bounce rate.

  • Show related posts at the end of your blog posts. That way if someone reads a blog posts, they will see related recommendations and most of the time they will click on them to read. It’s really a good way to improve your website bounce rate.
  • Speed up your website’s loading time. Don’t use too many plugins. Use a better web hosting to improve your page loading speed.
  • Encourage comments on your blog posts. The more people who leave comments on your blog, the more engagement you can build. Blog commenting is the surefire way to decrease bounce rate of any website.Click here to find out a simple way to get more blog comments on your posts.
  • Reduce external links usage if your website’s bounce rate is too high (anything above 80%) and increase the interlinking to your inner pages.

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4. Don’t forget the “key” SEO basics

Here are few SEO basics you need to stop using immediately

Stop keyword stuffing: When most beginners think about SEO, they focus on using the same keywords again and again on their web pages. Whether you know it or not, keyword stuffing is considered as spam activity by Google. Don’t use the same keywords just to rank higher in SERP results. Although using long tail keywords frequently can improve your search rankings but don’t just spam your pages by repeating a thousand times. Make sure your keywords are placed in title tags, meta description and a couple of times on your articles.

Stop posting mediocre content: No one likes to read, share or link to a web page that has thin content. Why would search engines even consider giving top rankings to the sites that have poor content? Spend more time on researching your articles, post high quality content and attract natural backlinks from others to increase your overall organic traffic.

Stop publishing daily: Unless you have a multi-author or news, tech, entertainment related site, stop posting daily. Daily posting doesn’t help you increase your organic traffic, it’s just a myth. Google gives top priority to the sites that have quality content over quantity. If quantity was the factor, then everyone who posts more content on their sites would be able to drive massive traffic from search engines. But it doesn’t work that way! Focus on creating top notch content that is focused on readers and optimized for specific keywords.

Don’t build links only to homepage: Most beginners make a blunder of building links to specific pages especially to their home page. It’s wrong and Google can penalize your sites if you are using guest blogging, link building strategies to build links to your home pages. Remember, if you always interlink to other key pages on your sites, your site still gets a lot of value in search results. So don’t focus on building home page links, give equal importance to all the pages when performing link building.

Here’s a great guide on ethical link building if you want to build quality links without spamming Google.

5. Start linking to others strategically

Quality outbound linking will not only gives positive signals to Google that your site is linking to authority sites but your blog readers get additional information about the relevant topic. If you want to increase your organic traffic, you need a lot of incoming links. And how can you do that? By linking to others often!

Don’t link to anyone but make your outbound linking strategically by linking to few people very often. And whenever you link to someone, make sure to pitch them an email saying you’ve linked to their posts.

And also ask them to tweet or linking to your posts if they find your content valuable. This way you will not only be able to strengthen your relationships with other bloggers but you’ll also get more inbound links and search traffic. It’s a win/win approach in link building.

SEO is constantly changing. So you have to learn and master the SEO basics if you want more organic traffic.

The SEO strategies that worked 10 years ago don’t work today. The strategies you use today won’t work tomorrow. SEO is a game that’s constantly changing. You need to put an eye on the latest updates like Penguin, Panda etc to make sure your content is not getting affected.

Final thoughts about SEO basics

When you start out as a beginner, you will lack SEO skills. You really don’t know how to increase organic traffic to your websites, instead of quitting, focus on building loyal readers by creating quality content.

Master the art of on-page SEO. Make sure to tick all the points in on-page SEO checklist to rank well for any keyword in the search engine results.

Content is the integral part of SEO. So make sure to create top notch content to increase your organic traffic. Don’t waste your time in paid linking, referral traffic, or automatic bookmarking if you’re just starting out.

Within few months, you will not only see huge traffic spike in your website traffic metrics but you will also be able to make more sales from search engine traffic. The key to increasing website search traffic is to be patient and give it some time. And follow the strategies I’ve discussed above, you’ll succeed!

Do you have any more SEO basics that will increase organic traffic? Please share your thoughts below and if you like this post, share it with others.