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所以,你问自己; “我如何创造内容的人的爱?我在哪里可以想出的想法?

  • Fact: content is king
  • Fact: blogging is important to search marketing
  • Fact: good content attracts relevant traffic
  • Fact: good content grows qualified leads

So you ask yourself; “How do I create content people love? Where do I come up with the ideas?”

  • Fact: in-house


1) Your Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer.

The information can be gathered by market research combined with real data of your current customers.

Essentially, buyer personas should tell a story and detail things like customer demographic, behaviour patterns, motivations, and goals.

By understanding the various types of customers in your line of business, and their specific pain points, you can craft highly targeted and relevant content messages.

You may find by doing this exercise that different buyers have different pain points and motivations ” and in some cases, use different terms.

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2) Your Unique Selling Point

Make a list of your products and services and the benefits of each.

What problem does your company solve?

Chances are your solutions can solve more than one problem and serve different types of customers.

What are the pain points that go with each type of problem? That’s the broad content idea.

Then consider your unique selling proposition: what makes your offering better than your competitor’s? That’s your angle.

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3) Your F.A.Q.

Review frequently asked questions from your customers and prospects. Dig through your official help channel, your own emails. Ask your sales team what top objections they encounter when interacting with potential customers.

Write content for each question. Don’t worry about keywords; just answer the question or address the concern as best as you can.

Remember, these questions come from different people and different types of customers. Now is the time to refer to your buyer personas.
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