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Are you a beginner to WordPress? And looking for a WordPress guide that helps you increase your traffic?

If yes, this detailed WordPress guide is for you where I’m going to share everything from essential plugins to use toincreasing your website search traffic. We all know how popular WordPress content management system is. Upwards 18% of websites are relied upon WordPress.

If you don’t know how to use WordPress right, you are missing a lot of traffic and money! So we’ll learn few important WordPress tips that help you stay ahead of your competition. Are you ready? Let’s dive into the details.

WordPress guide for beginners

wordpress guide for beginners

Install the essential WordPress plugins

This is the first step to WordPress guide for beginners. You must know few essential WordPress plugins to use on your sites. Most WordPress beginners don’t know which plugins to use and most of the time they end up using too many plugins that are of no use.

Did you know using too many WordPress plugins slow down your WordPress loading times? Yes, plugins often create huge burden on your databases and they will consume a lot of data from your hosting, thus it reduces your page loading time.

So make sure to install the essential plugins. Here are I’ve compiled the list of must have WordPress plugins for beginners.

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast (to improve your on-page SEO to increase website search traffic)
  • W3 Total Cache (to make your site loading time faster)
  • Contact Form 7 (to let others easily contact you)
  • Jetpack by WordPress.com (to know your traffic stats and many more)
  • Akismet (to save your blog from spam comments and ping backs)
  • Backup Buddy (to back up your files automatically)
  • Long Tail Pro (to increase your website traffic by using long tail keywords)
  • Login Lockdown (to save your site from hackers)
  • WPTouch (to make your site mobile friendly)
  • Digg Digg (to make your posts easily sharable)

Install a SEO friendly plugin

We all know how important it is to bring more visitors from search engines. After all, organic traffic is the lifeblood for any successful website to convert visitors into sales. And getting traffic from search engines is not really hard if you know how to optimize your blog posts.

When it comes to WordPress, SEO becomes bit easy with the use of plugins. WordPress has a lot of plugins that are search engine friendly and help you increase your overall website search traffic.

Fortunately with WordPress, you will get access to a search engine friendly plugin called WordPress SEO by Yoast. It’s a free plugin developed by Yoast team that will help you easily optimize your blog posts and web pages for search engines.

Click here to download the plugin

Create an on-page SEO checklist

On-page optimization is the key to increase your website overall search traffic. Without using the right keywords and optimizing them on your pages, how can you bring search engine visitors to your websites?

So make sure to focus on your on page optimization to increase your website traffic from search engines. Here are few essential on-page SEO tips to improve your rankings.

  • Focus on finding primary keywords before publishing your posts (like “WordPress guide for beginners” – it’s a long tail keyword but it can bring you more traffic)
  • Use your primary keyword in your headline, meta description, image alt tags, internal links and throughout the body to ensure more traffic from search engines for that keyword!
  • Instead of keyword stuffing, use relevant keywords to increase your visibility (for example, you can use WordPress tutorial for beginners, beginners guide to WordPress etc)
  • Promote your posts on social media sites and try to build quality links for that keyword to get into the top of Google search results.

Remember that, on-page SEO takes lots of practice and time. You need to also use few on-page SEO plugins like WP SEO by Yoast to ensure you are doing on-page SEO right.

Read this amazing post on on-page SEO to improve your overall search engine rankings for any keyword you are trying to rank for.

The more number of links, the more traffic

Backlinks are the reason why most websites get a lot of traffic from search engines. If you want to increase your website search traffic, get more incoming links to your blogs or websites.

Here are few evergreen ways to build backlinks for your blogs.

  • By writing guest posts
  • By leaving comments on other blogs (do-follow, no-follow every blog counts!)
  • By creating infographics and asking others to linking to your sites
  • By writing content that naturally attracts links
  • By blogger outreach (ask others to link to your sites)

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Learn WordPress like a pro

WordPress is a huge content management system that is evolving each and every year. You need to learn latest trends about WordPress to make the more out of it. So spend time on few sites to hone your WordPress developing skills as a writer, blogger or developer.

How can I complete this WordPress guide without sharing few best places to learn WordPress online? Here are few best sites to learn WordPress.

Spend at least 2 hours a week on the above best WordPress sites to become a pro at using WordPress. They not only help you use WordPress like a pro but they will also give you latest updates about WordPress updates, plugins, SEO tips etc.

Final thoughts about WordPress guide for beginners

Learning WordPress is not hard but mastering it is. Spend quality time on reading few top blogs related to WordPress and make sure to implement the tips mentioned in this WordPress guide to become better at WordPress.

Also make sure to uninstall the plugins that slow down your site. Removing slow plugins from your WordPress sites is the best way to make your site loading time faster. Use performance profiler plugin to find out the slow WordPress plugins on your sites. This plugin helps you easily find out which plugin is taking more time and you can uninstall the plugin that takes longer time to load.

Did you like WordPress guide for beginners? If yes, please share this WordPress guide and let me know if you have any questions related to WordPress in the comment section.