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Today, Perrin and I get behind the microphone and discuss how to start and grow your own business through Amazon’s FBA program.  Much of this podcast is a recap of what I covered in my last blog post right here (if you prefer to read).

By following several key steps, I was able to sell $4,399 in product in just 30 days. Perrin and I share the process and answer some questions taken from a few blog comments.

This is a very real business, which I hope to scale and see monthly earnings quadruple. The potential rewards are, in my opinion, much greater than a niche website.

In this podcast, we discuss some of the particulars that go into starting an FBA business:

  • The importance of finding a unique product to sell
  • How to find a manufacturer for your product (using
  • Getting your item manufactured and shipped
  • Basic promotional ideas to generate sales and interest in what you’re selling
  • Why it’s a good idea to build a niche site around an Amazon product

We also delve into three reasons behind what makes a product sell.

I will be expanding my FBA product line in the coming months. Perrin and I hope you find some useful information that you can apply in your own business.

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