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I’m a huge fan of Search engine optimization. I always find new tools and strategies to increase my website search traffic. The good thing about learning SEO is you can see the results if you are applying them properly on your blogs.

In this post, I’m going to share one secret strategy that helped me to grow my blog traffic by 15% in just 30 days.

I actually got 15% more visitors from search engines within a month by applying the one strategy you are going to learn now. Are you ready?

A side note: If you think you don’t have much time for SEO, this is probably not something for you. Because what I’m going to share here requires your time. But if you have at least 2 hrs a week, you will also start getting more traffic from search engines within a month.

How I increased my search traffic in 30 days?

Before diving into the details, have a look into the following screenshot from my Google Analytics.

traffic increase with semrush

You can see that I increased my website traffic exactly by 14.83% in just one month.

I think you are now curious to know the steps I’ve taken to increase my website traffic. Let’s discuss it without much ado.

You need to first conduct a proper SEO audit on your sites to make the most out of this strategy. If that terms sounds technical for you, don’t worry, I’ll explain in simple terms.

And performing SEO audit it really simple, I’m also going to explain how. So are you ready? Let’s jump into the details.

What is SEO audit?

In simple terms, SEO audit involves in evaluating your website performance in Google search results. It also gives you a detailed report about all your site issues including bad links, images with no alt tags, title tag errors, number of indexed pages etc.

If you want to know more about SEO audit and its benefits, I’ve recently written a detailed guide on conducting SEO audit from scratch. Make sure to read the post.

How conducting an SEO audit can improve your search engine traffic?

First things first. By conducting a thorough SEO audit of your sites help you recognize all the problems that your site might have. They include bad internal links, site structure, images with no alt tags, page titles that are too long and so many other factors that are affecting your website from getting more traffic from search engines.

If you resolve all the issues while performing an SEO audit, you will see your search engine traffic climbing up. The great thing is, you will see results within days if not weeks. Within a month, you will be noticing the increase in your organic traffic.

That’s the beauty of SEO audit. For the same reason, most SEO experts conduct frequent SEO audit for their sites to fix the site issues in order to boost their search engine traffic.

So if you are wondering why you are not getting more traffic from search engines even though if you are posting quality stuff, building links and getting more social shares on your blog, you might forgot to resolve few issues by performing the SEO audit of your site.

So how to perform a proper SEO audit? Is there any perfect solution to conduct a thorough SEO audit that will help you boost your search engine rankings?

Yes, there is one – SEMrush.

SEMrush is the most recommended tool by SEO experts. It not only helps you spy on your competitors, but it actually helps you create a SEO audit to resolve your site issues.

How I Gained 15% More Visitors from Search Engines In 30 Days using SEMrush?

increasing search traffic by 15% using semrush tool

When I performed a full SEO audit of my site BloggersPassion using SEMrush, here are few things I did.

  • Fixing on-page links
  • Rectifying the error of images with no “alt” tags
  • Improving the site speed
  • Title tag too long error

Let’s now talk about all the above four things in detail.

Fixing on-page links

fixing on page links

When I used SEMrush site audit, I found that 72 pages have too many on-page links. I lowered down the number of on-page links by removing the unwanted links from my blog sidebar, footer, posts and from comments section.

So how can you find out if you are using too many internal links on a page?

SEMrush is the right tool that will solve this issue by showing you all the pages (including their URL’s) with too many internal links.

Watch out for your page titles and snippets

lengthy title tag errors

“How long the title tags should be?” is often one of the most asked questions who are learning SEO. It’s always better to limit your title tags and snippets headline tags below 70 characters. Anything beyond that limit will be truncated on Google search results.

So there’s no point of writing lengthy title tags that go beyond 70 characters. Always practice the habit of writing short and descriptive title tags that will show up correctly on search results.

When I used Site Audit from SEMrush, I found 36 pages have a too long text with the title tags.

SEMrush tool helped me fix my lengthy title tags that are truncated in Google results. During the SEMrush SEO audit, I came to know 36 pages on my website has title long title tags (Title text is above 70 characters).

So there were 36 pages that have long text within the title tag. So what I did?

I immediately started working on them and reduced the titles word limit below 70 characters.

And guess what? I no longer have long tex