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Brands that used video for their marketing efforts in 2015 saw some exceptional results.  Even when compared to text based content the video ads were a clear winner.  This is according to a new post from HubSpot that looked at how video was used and the benefits that marketers enjoyed from it.

Some interesting statistics include the following:

  • Massive Mobile Traffic – Online video is now responsible for 50% of all the mobile traffic on the internet!
  • Engaging Ads – 65% of all video views watch more than ¾ of the video. This means most people who look at your video will see the majority of it, which is critical for marketers.
  • Loyal Viewers – 78% of people who watch videos online do it at least once per week and 55% do it at least once per day!
  • Growing – Experts believe that by 2017 mobile video will account for 69% of all mobile traffic and by 2018 that number will grow to 79%!
  • Great Target Audience – 75% of all business executives use video to consume work related content each week.

As you can see, the numbers are quite impressive. Marketers who use video are seeing tremendous success and that is only expected to grow in the coming years.  If your marketing efforts do not include video, you’re missing out on huge opportunities.  Don’t be intimidated about this medium, jump right in and start using it to your advantage.

You can see the full list of stats from HubSpot HERE.