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STM Announcement: Affiliate World Europe 2016!

‘Save the date! 18-19 July 2016, Berlin. After a sell-out event of 1500 in Bangkok, #AWEurope will be even bigger and better! It’s going to be a cracker in Summer.’

Case Study How to read data, optimize, and scale a Facebook campaign like a Pro

‘If you want to scale in your vertical, you can use the data that is statistically significant and you already have in your favor to start of new campaigns with a bang, using the right targeting to pretty much instaprofit from the start rather than having to start all over from scratch with the data collection.’

Tutorial Setting Up An Email Lead Capture Funnel In Funnelflux

‘Here’s a quick guide to setting up a basic email list campaign in FunnelFlux. You’ll be able to track initial optins and double-confirms, meaning that you can quickly get an accurate idea of how much your conversions are costing you. ‘

3 Things You Must Know Before Scaling A Campaign

‘Often times scaling a campaign isn’t as easy as it’s made out to be. The first route is usually adding more traffic sources into the mix, or by duplicating your efforts over more campaigns, with different targeting, different angles, or by running your campaign over more than one traffic account on the same traffic-source.’

Tip All the Tracking Tokens in One Place!

‘I just found a really useful resource that lists the tracking tokens for a big collection of traffic sources!’

Profits always drop by 3rd or 4th day, need help!

An STM member has trouble with his campaigns constantly dropping in profits, and the STM brain trust jumps in to help out.

Tracking server questions

Goshev, Master Of The STM Servers, gives a detailed guide to the StackScript automated setup tool, and how to optimise it.

UNLIMITED Free Content

‘Zero reason to pay contractors and/or spin.’

Google Blocked 780 Million Bad Ads Last Year, Up From 524 Million In 2014

‘Next year, Google’s focus will be further restrictions on weight loss ads, plus new protections against malware and bots, noted Sridhar Ramaswamy, SVP, Ads & Commerce in Google’s summary report. ‘