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Official stores

Probably the best place to get a Chinese OEM phone is from the official web-store of the manufacturer. The advantages are that the store will offer good prices, have high levels of stock, and will have experience in international sales of their devices. Plus the reputation of the brand is behind the online store which means you have a greater chance of satisfaction should things go wrong.

  • Oppo’s official outlet is the OppoStyle store. There is an European and an International store.
  • Meizu’s online store is Meizu Mart. All orders are processed via PayPal.
  • OnePlus sells its OnePlus One phone online. At the time of writing you still need an invite, for more information check out OnePlus’s How to Buy page. A good place to find invites is in theOnePlus forums.

Many other Chinese phone makers offer online stores as well, though not all of them ship internationally.