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Here are seven actionable and smart ways to improve your content marketing process:

1. Refer Traffic To 3Rd Party Converting Sites

Send non-converting traffic to a content recommendation site such as Outbrain.

Outbrain show relevant, related links. They use behavioral targeting to recommended content to readers that fit a specific profile.

Readers view posts coming from your site that are not yours as authentic. It becomes regarded as a genuine testimony on the value of the content.

2. Focus On Quantity At The Start

Posting content is not as easy as people think. You need to build a level of confidence on the quality of content you put out there.

You need to get over your fears and doubts to put content out there. The only way to do this is to post frequently.

You need to clear the path before you find the best formula for consistently posting great content.

3. Invest In Content Marketing

According to a study by HarrisonMann, only 32% of online marketers believe they produce enough content.

The solution is simple: if you don’t have the time and the talent to create content, hire someone who does.

Take the time to find agencies or freelancers who have the skills, the tools, and the experience to write great content. Pricing should be the least of your concerns. Marketing is an activity that functions to generate revenue. You should be willing to spend more to get higher returns.

4. Understand Your Market

It’s difficult to write content if you don’t know who you are writing for. Most online marketers don’t spend enough time researching their target audience.

You have to know the behavioral profile of your audience.

Review your analytics. Collect information on your audience. Visit your blog archives and social media posts. Evaluate which of your content generated the most shares, likes, and engagement.

Paint a picture of who your audience is and direct the delivery of your content toward them.

5. Optimize Social Media

Networking in social media requires a different approach compared to traditional marketing. If you try too hard sell your content to your community, you get ignored.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about social media:

  • It’s all about relationships; Work on building relationships first.
  • Know how each social network functions; each network is its own community with distinct behavior.

Create a strategy on where you deliver what content. For example, use Twitter to build deliver discounts and quick tips. Use Facebook and Google Plus to post shareable content. And use LinkedIn for industry views and related blogs.

  • Target your market; find the audience that relates to your content. Use Facebook’s dark post option; sponsored posts that target a specific audience.

6. Maximize High- Traffic Social Media Networks

If you have multiple social media networks, always test their return on your efforts.

Which social media networks account for more activity and engagement? Allocate more time and resources to networks that perform better.

7. Guest Posting

Open your website to others who can create great content and help build your brand.

Allow other companies and brands aligned with yours to post content.