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PPC Expert Academy Video Course

PPC Expert Acadmy
PPC Expert Academy

PPC experts acadmy is the way to get more, cheaper and accurate clicks for your site. In this course you will learn that how to advertise your product successfully. It is the best course for newbie or marketer. PPC experts academy walk through.

Week 1 – Account and Campaign setting

  • Getting setup with MCC account.
  • How to get setup with Google engage.
  • The rarely used hack to take your to the next level.
  • How to setup conversion tracking.
  • Day-parting for higher ROI.
  • Location Targeting.
  • Starting off the right foot with proper account and campaign settings.

Week 2 – Keywords and Ads

  • How to find the right keywords.
  • How to write magnetic ads.
  • How to split test and how to determine
  • Designing the winning account structure.
  • Improving your ads.
Week 3 – Optimization

  • How to effectively building out the negative keywords.
  • Looking under the hood with dimensions.
  • How to find the real keywords and how to use them
  • Learn how to find the fat with segments.

Week 4 – Scaling and Automating

  • The four hour work month with automated rules.
  • Easy and quick cloning with Google Adwords editor.
  • Using spread sheets for bulk imports.
  • Automated bid changes and Adwords editor with rules.
  • Re-marketing strategies and setup.


  • Facebook ads training.

How to Download:

  • Log in to your copy.com account.
  • If you do not have an account than make your own copy account using our referral link https://copy.com?r=mWljIF
  • Download the files.
  • Enjoy!

Note: When open the link make sure you are logged in to your account.

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